Current active Zika virus transmission

April 25, 2016

Countries and territories are categorised as currently experiencing active Zika virus transmission if local Zika infections have been reported by health authorities within the last 2 months.

This transmission can be further described as:

  • sporadic transmission, if no more than 10 locally transmitted cases have been reported in a single area within this time period, or
  • increasing or widespread transmission, if
    • more than 10 locally transmitted cases of Zika virus are reported in a single area, or
    • at least two separate areas report locally transmitted cases of Zika virus, or
    • Zika virus transmission is ongoing in an area for more than 2 months.

Countries and territories are removed from this list if no new evidence of Zika virus transmission is provided within 8 weeks.

The first declaration of local Zika virus transmission in a country or territory is based on a laboratory confirmed case reported by competent health authority.

For more information please visit: European Centre For Diseases Prevention and Control

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