Blood Testing at the Ealing Travel Clinic

The Ealing Travel Clinic carry out a wide variety of blood tests including these popular blood tests.

  • Allergy Complete Blood Test
    Allergy Complete
  • Cholestrol Blood Test
  • Diabetes Diagnosis and monitoring blood test
  • Full Thyroid Profile Blood Test
    Full Thyroid Profile
  • Heart Health Profile Blood Test
    Heart Health Profile
  • Hepatitus B Immunity
    Hepatitis B (Immunity)
  • Liver Function Blood Test
    Liver Function
  • Menopause Hormones Profile Blood Test
    Menopause Hormones Profile
  • Pregnancy Test
    Pregnancy HCG Test
  • Testostrone Blood Test
    Testosterone Plus
  • Well Man Blood Test
    Well Man
  • Well Women Blood Test
    Well Woman

Blood test not listed? Don’t worry, we can provide any blood test. Contact us for more information.