Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of frequently asked questions from our corporate clients and their workforce.

What types of health screenings are included in the corporate health check?2024-04-16T17:46:16+01:00

Our corporate health checks typically include a comprehensive range of screenings such as blood pressure measurement, cholesterol testing, blood sugar level assessment, BMI calculation, and optional screenings for specific health concerns based on employee needs and preferences. Health Clinic 2 You can customise any blood test so there is no limit to what can be tested.

How often should employees undergo health checks?2024-04-16T17:46:43+01:00

It’s generally recommended for employees to undergo health checks annually to ensure timely detection and management of any health issues.

Are the screenings confidential?2024-04-16T17:47:12+01:00

Yes, all health screenings are conducted in a private and confidential manner. Individual health information is strictly protected and not shared with anyone without the employee’s consent.

Who will conduct the health checks?2024-04-16T17:47:33+01:00

Qualified healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, and certified technicians, will conduct the health checks with utmost professionalism and expertise.

How long will the health check take?2024-04-16T17:47:58+01:00

The duration of the health check may vary depending on the specific screenings chosen, but typically, it takes around 20 minutes per employee.

Will employees need to fast or make any preparations before the health check?2024-04-16T17:48:20+01:00

Some screenings may require fasting beforehand, and employees will be provided with clear instructions regarding any necessary preparations prior to the health check.

What happens if a health issue is detected during the check-up?2024-04-16T17:48:40+01:00

If a health issue is detected, employees will be provided with guidance on further evaluation, treatment options, and resources available for managing their health condition.

Are there any follow-up consultations or resources provided?2024-04-16T17:48:58+01:00

If an issue is detected the Dr report that comes alongside blood tests will highlight this and refer patients back to their GP.

Can employees opt out of certain screenings?2024-04-16T17:49:15+01:00

Yes, employees have the option to decline specific screenings based on personal preferences or medical reasons.

How will the results be communicated to employees?2024-04-16T17:49:33+01:00

Results will be communicated to employees in a clear and understandable manner, either in person during follow-up consultations or through secure electronic channels.

Are the health check results shared with the employer?2024-04-16T17:49:52+01:00

Individual health check results are kept confidential and are not shared with the employer.

What is the maximum number of employees that can be seen per day by the clinician?2024-04-16T17:50:22+01:00

Typically as each appointment takes 20 minutes, the clinician can see up to 24 employees per day. If demand is high HC2U can always bring more clinicians.

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