The Chickenpox vaccine must be given on the same day or 4 weeks apart from the MMR vaccine.

This is because the MMR vaccine causes an increased response to the Chickenpox vaccine meaning that breakthrough infection with the Chickenpox vaccine is more likely if the interval is not respected.

Travel Precautions

Chickenpox vaccine is not a travel related vaccine but is a popular vaccine to help children avoid contracting the Chickenpox and its symptoms. It is not currently given under the NHS however has become a routine childhood vaccine in other countries such as the USA.

Signs & Symptoms

The classic symptom of Chickenpox is a widespread rash which can be very itchy. Initial signs are red spots which then fill with fluid and can sometimes burst. A high fever is a common symptom alongside aches and pains.

The Vaccination

The Chickenpox vaccine has proven to reduce the incidences of catching Chickenpox however does not completely eradicate the possibility. It is thought however if a person develops Chickenpox even after having a vaccine the symptoms tend to be much milder.

The vaccine consists of two doses a month apart and can be given from 1 year of age.

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