Countries at risk Cholera occurs in countries where there is poor sanitation and hygiene. It occurs in areas where there is a limited access to clean water and food and higher rates occur in places of natural disasters.

World Health Organization Areas Risk Map

Travel Precautions

Only drink from a sealed water bottle or boiled water. Avoid ice and salad that has been washed with tap water. Only eat fruit that can be peeled and avoid uncooked food. Ensure that food is freshly cooked and piping hot.

Signs & Symptoms

Initial symptoms occur 1-5 days after ingesting the bacteria. Symptoms include severe water diarrhoea,nausea and vomiting and stomach cramps.

The Vaccination

The cholera vaccine consists of two doses over a 1-6 week period which gives protection for up to two years. The cholera vaccine is a drink that must be drunk on an empty stomach meaning no food or drink (including water) should be ingested an hour before or after the vaccine. The cholera vaccine reduces travelers diarrhoea by 50% and is therefore a big factor in many travellers receiving the vaccination even if they are not heading into a high risk cholera zone.